Saturday, May 1, 2010

Big Day Out

Tomorrow is a Big Day. Shopping at Asda with my home-help, called by one of my carers for whom she also works "The Fairy Godmother". Pushing my trolley transformed by a green plastic shopping basket, I can walk tall and bump my way amongst so many others and each in a dwan, as they say in Scotland.

The highlight of the day is a latte at MacDonalds where the paper coffee cups have collectible stickers on them. Every 6 stickers gets you a free coffee. I guess it's a sign of the recession that stickers are hard to find now except from ones own cup! (Does recession mean stopping again and again?)

At the checkout all my difficulties become obvious-  the garbled speech and confusion, the inability to understand how to put my bank card into the machine and worst of all being shouted at. As though that would help!

l saw a soldier returned from Iraq with terrible spinal injuries. "It's not my disability but my abilities I look at." he said.