Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Christmas

Hi Everybody!

Hope you are already for christmas unlike me....Anyway however you celebrate it have a happy time. I remember how at the Zen Center in SLC we used to hold a service in memory of Jesus Christ Daiosho. It was a nice way of celebrating christmas but quite unlike how they do it here.

We had a good time at the sesshin in Beeley (in the English peak district). We just missed the heavy snow by finishing the day before it appeared on all the news programs - the very road we had just traveled devoid of ice and snow.

During the sesshin we made a rakusu for Genpo Roshi and Tenkei Roshi but because everyone was sewing far too fast, Anjo (a monk from Zen River, Holland) and I thought it would be good idea if they silently chanted Namu Ki Butsu (Be one with Buddha) with each stitch, and that worked.

I just heard that her dog Jimmy, a very small black mongrel, is wearing a christmas jacket. She thought that boots would be good but I think I will get someone to knit him legwarmers instead.

Happy Christmas everybody!

love Genshin