Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Whats Bugging Me?

What's bugging me? I really gave some thought to this question for I had been living with the distinct sense of un-ease lately.

Then, like Nessie, rising from the depths of Loch Ness, I realised what it was. Gee, it takes so long, without a teacher. Hiding away had been my attachment to the Vow (the bodhisattva vow which shapes our life as monks.) And which I thought I had let go of long ago, but that was only an idea. Letting go of it, Big Mind became compassion, infinate, boundless, all-inclusive.

Either way, my mother as a young woman in 1918 saw the Loch Ness monster while on the family outing from the Manse!


  1. Just your true face, again. Thank you!

  2. :) VERy cooL! I'm 1/2 Scottish! (5th Generations despite Marriages among other clans! and runs strong in my blood-kin tradition)... I certainly can appreciate this... AND, My Big Mind has included a lot of MONSTER these past two years... another side of the two-sided coin, I suppose and the Nature of Reality (of which His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama often speaks). I've been struggling immensely with my own issues because of the LOCH NESS "sightings" that are not real like your mothers but illusory tricksters. Nonetheless, I am not held back by labels, and go forward pushing day after day through sludge sometimes. Also, I did step out into the void and find it dangerous and lonely on the solitary quest. With you, and smiling at your brilliant, charming thoughts... :)))) *Glowing*