Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Perfect As It Is

It's not a very original thought - but we are each like a piece of a jigsaw. That is - perfectly formed piece all your own, with all the patterns, lines and colors that are needed to complete the whole picture. We are as we are and perfect for our particular spiritual growth and development. We need to remember and keep remembering that there are no standards to judge by. In fact there is nothing to judge by and nothing to judge by as you are perfect, just okay for your place in the world.

The things that happen to you are perfect for you. My life is the perfect life for me. So we don't need to wish anything to be other than it is. No matter how it looks.


  1. Didn't Shunryu Suzuki say, with characteristic humor, "You are perfect just as you are ... and you could use a little help."

  2. Thank you Genshin. When you write such beautiful words, I cannot help but consider one thing- accepting myself as I am in the way that you have shared with us.
    Many Gasshos,