Tuesday, April 13, 2010


" Life lives between coffee spoons" said TS Elliot in a poem (or something to that effect). Life was indeed like that between coffee spoons and cigarettes in the fifties. I still have a degree of independence but that will go at some point, it must for all of us if we live long enough to complete the circle of life span. Growing old is a gradual erosion of dignity and death is the interesting outcome of all this.

"Dead or alive?"asks the teacher knocking on the coffin lid.
"Don't ask me, I'm not dead yet" replies the master.

Seems to me - but I am just a stupid old grandma - that all our vows and esoteric beliefs are just a kind of life, or should I say death, insurance giving profound comfort and guarantees of survival. So best to put it all into practice this life-time. Must go and have a coffee but I gave up ciggies years ago!


  1. Someone (a Tibetan master?)once said that it would be a big problem for us practioners of the Way if we didn't die. These steps toward death -- pain, illness, old age -- keep us focused and moving on, if we're paying attention that is. Think I'll join you over a cup of coffee.

  2. You always have a way of making me smile. Your writing is so profound and rich. I feel truly blessed.

    At the end, "I gave up ciggies years ago!" I thought to myself, "Way to go Genshin!"

    In my practice lately, I've been having a spiritual battle and almost all of it pertains to my "fear of death". I'm dealing with that now, in a psychological way. At times, it's been terrifying. I try to admit, I might look tough but I'm such a softie.

    I really appreciate your blog Genshin. Please keep writing! I love to hear your thoughts.

    The best,