Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bear Trap Lodge

Imagine forests of pine trees high up in the canyon and a huge wooden chalet with a high, pitch, snowsliding roof to the ground. Inside beyond, a huge room with a long dining table and a coffee table surrounded by armchairs and sofas. In this huge room under a grizzly bear (now a protected species) descending nose-first down the boulderstone chimney breast we sat and spent time with Genpo Roshi. What did we talk about? Really it was what did we hear? Genpo Roshi skillfully wove in his messages to everyone, while responding to one person.

After a very hard few days I finally saw how I had been creating the barriers between Genpo Roshi and myself.

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  1. 11/ 11/ 10
    Dear Genshin, I thought of you today and went out cyberspace to look for you. I found you here in your pink diamond space. Beautiful much appreciated. Sending my love and laughter to you, Joanna