Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mid-day thoughts

(6:30 am) Its so easy to press a dharma button. As Joanna once said "And out comes a dharma talk", but i would rather look at whats happening in my life in case it rings any bells for you. Like bereavement it is so easy to talk of letting go, but its got to be gone through. I am lucky I haven't had to drop things. I woke up one day and began discovering bit by bit how much has gone. Now its like one of those cookery programs which give aspiring chefs a bag of random ingredients and ask "well what can you make out of this?"

(12:00pm) Anyway lets talk spirituality for a while. I am a Gen X and ex RC who deeply loves the christian mystics eg. Master Ekhardt whose sermon on poverty caused him to be burnt at the stake for his pains.

I think of Buddha Nature or Big Mind/Big Heart as God, just because I was raised a christian. The churches have all the capacity to go far beyond what they teach the lay people. To be controversial for a moment, Jesus must have suffered acute remorse at the time of his great death (dai-kensho) "I have shown them the wrong path"

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  1. Just blown away by the Synchronicity. I know you wrote this in JULY but I was studying very intensely Master Ekhardt's writings 2 nights ago for several hours. And, I did this in the French style of scholarship, with a miscrosopic lens, here in my "atelier".

    Simply A W E S O M E, I feel the Apex, where my aspects and attributes SYNCH with vast Big Mind on your blogspace--

    From my notebook:

    "He Told Me A Joke: My Lord Told Me A Joke, And seeing Him laugh has done more for me than any scripture I will ever read"

    Thank you Genshin. My heart is laughing. I a moved. I am touched. I still have chills.

    "Intimate: Knowledge always deceives. It always limits the Truth, every concept and image does. From cage to cage the caravan moves, but I give thanks, for at each divine juncture my wings expand and I touch Him more intimately"

    Tonight on your blog, I touched the divine more Intimately. Mystical, indeed, Genshin.
    The clarity and light in your words reminds me of all of the Great Masters, like Meister Eckhardt here in my scribbly notebook (either composition style or legal pads).

    And like him, you do this for me too, "The Spirit's Hands: They can be a great help- words. They can become the spirit's hands and life and caress you."


    "Everything: Everything I see, hear, touch, feel, taste, speak, think, Imagine, is completing a perfect circle God has drawn."

    And one last comment before I leave you Genshin,
    Especially for you Genshin, O! How I have missed your feminine yet Integrated voice Angel!

    "The Passion in Her [Geshin's] Whisper):

    Only in a dream could this happen:

    such terror that I have seen in the eyes, and men abusing women, and cries from the pores of the sky.

    So how to wake the sleeping?

    I was once consumed in thought,
    trying to make sense of a very unwanted experience, when a bird's tune called to me from a nearby limb.

    And this brought me understanding, that audience with love, and the way beauty can let us hold her in the mind and arms.

    The passion in the earth's [Genshin's] whisper
    grew so loud
    I woke.

    Now I cannot deny

    ALL IS HE!" typed especially for Genshin from my Codex of scholarship. :)

    Angela "Peedee" Palmer, nom de plume, P.D. Gourlais, and bowing to you with every atom in my soul.