Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sangha is Important

I am missing Zen people. The Sangha is a neccessary part of my life, to keep me feeling alive and to keep going on in my practice. As I get older, more and more is taken away from me. I really do miss the Sangha. I remember my teacher Genpo Roshi saying years ago that Sangha was the greatest of the Three Treasures. I see why from another perspective! It encourages silent resting in the silent resting of my daily life. There is hardly any contact with the market place these days.

I laugh a bit when Help the Aged plastic bags are put through my letterbox. I hope none of the aged put them over their heads!! Probably why I am blogging this.

If you are in a Sangha, keep up your practice. Its the most precious thing you've got.

Love, Genshin Sensei
In Lancashire UK

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  1. Aww Genpo, "the Sangha is the greatest of the three treasures", Laughing about the imagery too about the aged with plastic bags! :) You are so delightful. I miss laughing! It's healthy to get an ab workout!

    You are my Sangha! Here and now.

    Devoted Always and here to not loose track of you this time. Will go off the beaten path asap to visit you for tea, if you would like to see me too.


    P.S. Jason Martin is a Nurse now in Virginia and I am going to ask him to join your Sangha blog! :) I'm looking forward to more posts Genshin and sorry once again, that I did not find you this summer when you started the blog.

    I love participating in the teachings this way, on the Web and since I was a little girl, I was cultivated in the Penpal Arts. It rather amazes me how caught up people are in themselves to even write a letter anymore and I'm the Queen of distraction no doubt as I have 3 jobs and full-time graduate school, so one thing that is not lacking in my life is WORK. You are just giving me new insights into what KIND of work and what TYPE of work I WANT to be doing! Thank you. :) These days with Globalized internet hermits who may neither have a cushion, sangha, faith in God, or any ideas, do the majority not have light bulbs click about keep in touch? I have noticed though we do communicate a lot with emails, and electronic media that people still prefer to be social IN PERSON, with others as much as possible. Also a miracle that we have these mediums via the Net but I'd like to heed your call to action to WORK and to put the practice into deeds, "bums off". :) You are a treasure, treasure, treasure... I feel like I found a piece of heaven today, since I'm really enjoying myself stopping by and receiving your teachings. :) Many Blessings ...