Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The way to wake up.

I am now the recipient of so much kindness, instead of running myself ragged and fattening my ego with compassionate acts. Thank God for Christianity - the lower or no-er the church, the kinder the members seem. Compassion ain't an idea, it's really how it works usually. I know that I am hard work to my long suffering family but from my carers I hear it could be a lot worse.

The more heart there is the better. After all we are Shin (heart/mind or compassionate wisdom). If there are obstacles in our way (the earlier the better usually) work on them with a therapist. Speed bumps are one thing, but walls are another. I remember a Spike Milligan's cartoon-style self portrait carrying a nasty little black bag of depression.
Q: Why didn't he drop it?
A: Because he didn't know what was in it!


  1. Or he just didn't drop it because he didn't realise that he had to power to make a choice. Thats what depression can do to you.

  2. I like your words old monk.

    Had an idea.
    Could it work ?
    To make a nice bag-pipe with this bag that we go carrying around, so we could turn our lamentations into some beautifully sad music that goes straight to the heart of everybody.

    Let's become bag-pipers! (?)

  3. LOL! "Q: Why didn't he drop it?
    A: Because he didn't know what was in it!" I'm suddenly hearing the voice of my former English partner, "Pile of Turd" with her very eloquent English accent. ;) Good for a laugh anytime! I fully AGREE happiness is a CHOICE. Life is a chain of choices. That work with a therapist is much harder than running to a medicine cabinet for a pill salad. ;)

    I love this: "Compassion ain't an idea, it's really how it works"!

    Thank you for making the DHARMA REAL with your own words, effort to post and share them, amd to reply to Followers.