Saturday, August 8, 2009

Have a Cup of Tea

Congrats to the Co-op for its' Fair Trade organic tea. I like my tea with a Yogi tea bag added with milk and sugar. It gives a taste of Nepal. Yogi tea also serves a smidgen of Yogi wisdom at the end of a string. My quotation would be; 'From the great Zen master Maezumi Roshi - "Appreciate your life".

Enjoy your tea!


  1. That fits today perfectly (I wonder how I'd feel if was cold and damp? - don't ask). Summer is just a reduction of the suffering of Winter! Lol!
    Steph (Facebook)

  2. I looked up appreciate and...
    # recognize with gratitude; be grateful for
    # be fully aware of; realize fully; "Do you appreciate the full meaning of this letter?"

    I can be grateful for the difficult bits as they provide much of the diversity and colour. Can i realise fully the meaning of my life? Personally i have much gratitude for Clipper Tea Bags. After much deliberation I am now fully committed to them! B x

  3. I love 'a smidgeon of wisdom on the end of a string' - totally identify with that, though I am also a coffee man - clouds in my coffee: first signs of autumn...leads to 'house martins gone today, old house shivers among the first leaves circling' - much appreciate your blog

  4. I will never drink Yogi tea again without thinking of you my dear friend. :) Do you know that game when people get a fortune cookie and they at to it, "In bed?" Well, now after I receive my Yogi adage, I will be able to add, "Appreciate Your Life" and then exclamation point! :)