Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Having No Agenda

Still in the spiritual department, I read a review on Mother Teresa's letters to her spiritual director in which it said she no longer believed in God from the moment she began working with the sick and dying. Some are called to have an agenda. Some are free of agenda and can act freely according to circumstances. In fact, Zen leads us to that freedom where we can forget about it all. Then we can just enjoy our lives and do what we like doing.

Those of you who liked the Clipper Tea blog may enjoy this anecdote. Maezumi Roshi was entertaining Tich Nat Hahn in true Japanese style. He offered him some tea while Tich Nat Hahn kept talking about the meaning of Zen. Roshi kept filling his cup. Eventually Tich Nat Hahn had to stop talking about Zen to ask "Why do you keep pouring me more and more tea?".

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  1. Blah blah blah! :) Life is love, Live it right! Best to do that over silent tea sometimes. :) I loved those moments at the end of dinner with you after the meal was cherished and the dishes and tidying were done. :) And, I have a lot of imagery still as I appreciated the expression on your face as my teacher, You, became one with her cup of tea. It's the true scientist in me too. Sometimes, we learn best by observing and taking notes. :)