Monday, September 7, 2009

Pandoras Box (The cause of all the trouble in the world)

It's the small self this I, me, my. What is this I, me and what is this "my" gnawing away like a mouse, or what is the relationship between the self and the Self?

My teacher Genpo Roshi used to talk often about the all-inclusive Big Mind and Big Heart.

Many people tell me how sad it is to see me now. But I see it as a wonderful opportunity to clarify and to practice however I can. Opposite my house is a small field with cows in it and beyond that is the village graveyard. It is the winner of the best kept churchyard award and a constant reminder of the shortness of this human life with all its opportunities. At the end of each day there is chanted in zen monasteries "Let me respectfully remind you, life and death are of supreme importance, time swiftly passes by and opportunity is lost. Let us awaken, awaken, take heed! Do not squander your life."


  1. lots of selves. Some think they are seperate. The ones beyond seperate don't do words so easily. The more clarity, the more the tensions between all my little selves and their particular views, seem ok. I hope you are doing ok and look forward to Zazenkai on Sat. B x

  2. You have such a good attitude Genshin! I hope to squander life, precious life, much less after your motivating thoughts.

    maybe people do not feel pity so much for you as they worry about the magnitude of your "losses". I know when even my cats suffer or my 1 year old nephew had Swine flu, I feel pain when others I love are uncomfortable or in pain. I guess this is empathy. It's like watching Christ carry the cross alone and wishing that we, from the crowd, could run out and help him! :( I feel sad too, especially with that image and knowing that you are not here in Utah with me. In any case, I'm having Yogi tea with you in my third eye, and next time we meet, I will make it a point to shine your spoon but ALSO enjoy the wildlife scenery. :)