Saturday, October 17, 2009

Butts off the cushion!

Did anyone see the BBC Newsnight of 14/10/09? Scientists say we have only got 6 years left. We have all seen houses lit up like lanterns and some of us have seen cities from the air at night (Vegas stretched out like a diamond spiders web in the darkness of the desert.) Six years? SIX YEARS! Switching off lights and plugs is the easy bit - and we will soon get used to lots of changes in our lives. So we have to awaken in record time. Genpo Roshi gives live talks on Big Mind TV and Bernie Glassman Roshi is also a really useful helper in the work of awakened activism. Genpo Roshis' Big Heart, Big Mind offers a speed track to enlightenment. Bernie Glassman Roshi shows us how to put it in action in the world. After all, he's the guy who holds retreats at Auschwitz. It's no good talking about embracing the universe if we don't knuckle down and do what we can to care for it. By the way, the hand position in Zen meditation is called the cosmic mudra. For those whose deepest desire is to save the world, here's a great opportunity. So butts off the cushions - we have got work to do!

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  1. I have chills and I'm shaking a little because your words effect me so deeply... Many Gasshos Genshin... chills in waves still...

    I take your words to heart. I vow to move my butt off the cushion now as more and more and more, I feel the "deepest desire" to realize my Bodhisattva vows. I LOVE HARD WORK, especially with you. :)

    I did not know the mudra for Zen is "Cosmic" mudra! That is so awesome. :)