Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just Go and Sit!

It's not so much that it's difficult to practice (sitting meditation, or meditation in action) when alone or tired, it's more a question of self motivation. I have to wait until living without practice becomes unbearable. My teacher, Genpo Roshi, used to say "It is like having a piece of grit in your shoe. Eventually you have to do something about it." So the question becomes: what do you do? That's where the motivation for practice comes in.

Is it seeing the Buddha nature or divine nature of everything and everyone, including yourself? Is it seeing your own big mind or your own big heart or experiencing christ consciousness? Or is it manifested by just being a decent person getting on with their job, or enjoying a good time? Whatever your practice means to you, I think Henry James was onto a good thing when he said "Only relate".

I find that just sitting brings my life into full bloom, and I can really appreciate it.

You could make a bit of a timetable or let people know that you are going to sit on a particular day because human beings like to be with other people. It's much easier to meditate with the support of others. It's hard to be a hermit.

Easiest of all is to just go and sit!

1 comment:

  1. "Only relate", so simple. The quality of your words is moving mountains in me tonight. I feel myself relating to your every word!

    I heard a rapper once say, "As long as I appeal to the masses, I'm going to always have a job" and I feel that's what your messages are doing for me! Your work astounds me, my lady.

    Lotus for you, Buddha to always be! "life into full bloom" _(|)_ Gassho. Peedee